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Walnut Valley Festival, Winfield, Kansas
September 16—20, 2015

Finger Style Guitar

These are recent winners of the Finger Style Guitar Championship at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas.

Since 2004, this has been the International Finger Style Guitar Championship.

2003 winners (left to right): Masaaki Kishibe (2nd), Bob Evans (1st), and Mary Flower(3rd)

2013 winners:  Roger Hardin, 2nd; Mark Anthony Cruz, 1st, Shohei Toyoda, 3rd 2012 winners:  Shuhei Nishino, 2nd; Adam Gardino, 1st, Maxwell Hughes, 3rd 2011 Winners (L to R) Tomoaki Kawabata, 2nd; Kevin Horrigan, 1st; Keith Taylor, 3rd 2010 finger style winners 2009 Winners: Pictured L-R: Ewan Dobson of Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada  (3rd Place), Mark Sganga of Oakland, NJ (1st Place) and Akihiro Tanaka of Kyoto, Japan (2nd Place) 2008 Finger Style Guitar Winners: (left to right): Kyle Reeder (2nd), Timothy Thompson (1st), Greg Gilbertson (3rd) 2007 winners (left to right): Tim Thompson of Hendersonville, TN (2nd), Don Alder of Vancouver, BC Canada (1st), and Dan Bliss of Merriam, KS (3rd) 2006 winners: (left to right): Antoine Dufour (3rd), Doug Smith (1st), Don Alder (2nd) 2005  winners: left to right:Dan Bliss 2nd, Shane Adkins 1st, Doug Smith 3rd. 2004 winners:  L-R    Kyle Reeder; Keith Taylor; Pete Huttlinger 2002 winners (left to right): Phil Volan (2nd), John Standefer (1st), and Bob Evans(3rd) 2001 winners:   Richard Smith, Tennessee;  Mark Anthony Cruz, Texas;  Andy McKee, Kansas 2000 winners:  Pete Huttlinger, Nashville, TN; Julian Smith, Bowdon, GA; Mary Flower, Englewood, CO; 1999 winners:   Brad Richter, Tucson, AZ Won: Taylor Grand Auditorium W-14-C Guitar Pete Huttlinger, Nashville, TNWon:  Gallagher Ragtime Special Guitar Jay Buckey, Las Vegas, NVWon: Gibson J-60 Traditional Acoustic Guitar 1998 winners:(left to right): Brad Richter - 2nd, Michael Chapdelaine - 1st, Sam Pacetti - 3rd 1997 winners:(left to right): Jolan Crossland (2nd), Todd Hallawell (1st), Jason Fowler (3rd)

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