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Walnut Valley Festival, Winfield, Kansas
September 16—20, 2015


These are recent winners of the Walnut Valley Old Time Fiddle Championship

2012 winners:

Roger Netherton, 2nd; Andrew Wilson, 1st, Hannah Farnum, 3rd

2013 winners:  Roger Netherton, 2nd; Katie Glassman, 1st, Kian Dye, 3rd 2011 winners (L to R) Emma Jane Pendleton, 2nd; John Shaw, 1st; Roger Netherton, 3rd 2010 Fiddle winners 2009 winners: Pictured L to R: Eric Dysart of Disney, OK (3rd  Place), Bryan McDowell of Canton, NC (1st Place), and James Schlender of Bozeman, MT (2nd Place). 2008 Fiddle Winners: (left to right): Marina Pendleton (2nd), Jason Shaw (1st), John Shaw (3rd) 2007 winners (left to right): James Schlender of Bozeman, MT (3rd) Brook Wallace of Burleson, TX (1st) and Ellie Goodman of Edmond, OK (2nd) 2006 winners: (left to right): Bill Jones (3rd), Jake Duncan (1st), James Schlender (2nd) 2005 winners: left to right:Eric Dysart 3rd, Alex DePue 1st, Olivia Smiley 2nd 2004 winners:  L-R Olivia Smiley; Tristan Clarridge; Olivia Davis 2003 winners (left to right): Ross Holmes (2nd), Tashina Clarridge (1st), and Erin Tydings(3rd) 2002 winners (left to right): Jason Shaw (2nd), Dennis Ludiker (1st), and Ross Holmes(3rd) 2001 winners:   Bethany Dick, Tennessee;  Ross Holmes, Texas;  Jason Shaw, Nebraska 2000 winners:  Matt Cobb, Madison, WI; Ross Holmes, Ft. Worth, TX; Dan Kessinger, St. Marys, WV. 1999 winners:  Alex Depue, Britton, MI  Won: Sam Ray Compton, Jr. Violin Matt Cobb, Madison, WI	 Won: $175 cash Junior Marriott, Versailles, MO Won: $150 cash 1998 winners:  (left to right): Sandra Wong - 3rd, Cathy Pearson - 1st, Jason Shaw - 2nd 1997 winners:  (left to right): Matthew Palmer (2nd), Andy Leftwich (1st), Joel Whittinghill (3rd)

Walnut Valley Festival
Post Office Box 245, 918 Main
Winfield, Kansas 67156
(620) 221-3250
WV office hours are:
Monday — Friday
9 am — Noon; 1 — 5 pm
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