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Walnut Valley Festival, Winfield, Kansas
September 16—20, 2015

Big Twang

Big Twang
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Walnut Valley Performances

In Years Past

2 years: 2001 2000

Jeff Scroggins has also been a Winfield banjo winner.


Big Twang
..... they play great music with a positive message

Although it may take many words to describe Big Twang, the band's name really speaks for itself. BIG homegrown, bluegrass sound finely-tuned folky roots-rock TWANG. This acoustic quintet won the prestigious 1999 Rocky Grass Band Championship before plans for the band's trophy case were even drawn up.

Collectively, this was Big Twang's first winning title, but separately, the five members are no strangers to accolades. One member is a former national champion banjo picker, three others played in touring bands around the country to critical acclaim, and all have solid reputations on the acoustic music scene.

Members of Big Twang include singer, guitarist and founding member and former Dixie Chick Robin Macy, who has supported her "music habit" by moonlighting as a waitress, an actress, a radio DJ, a math teacher, and a school principal.

Troy Gilchrist's resonator, nylon strings and electric guitar sounds make up a big part of the group's message.

Two-time National Banjo Champion and Oklahoma native Jeff Scroggins is a member of the Texas Tornadoes, the unofficial Texas Music Hall of Fame, and a part-time gourmet chef.

Stringed instrument virtuoso, Ken White has carried his Kentucky bluegrass heritage with him onto many stages such as the Grand Ole Opry performing with New Tradition and the Nashville Bluegrass Band.

Rounding out the quintet is certified and licensed electrician, crackerjack bassist, and singer/songwriter Darren Wilcox, who was once a part of the bluegrass band Special Consensus. Behind the glow of each member's musical accomplishments lies a serious purpose that brings Big Twang together: "to play great music with a positive message for appreciative crowds." Check out their new CD "Pastures of Plenty."




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