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Walnut Valley Festival, Winfield, Kansas
September 16—20, 2015

Blue Plate Special

Blue Plate Special
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Blue Plate Special
good hot pickin' and fresh down-home singin'

Kansas' legendary banjo player Mike Theobald brings nearly 40 years of musical prowess to Blue Plate Special. With his father, Jack, the Theobald family introduced Bluegrass Music to the Kansas area, hosting their own shows in Belle Plaine during the late 60s and early 70s and are proud to hold the title of Kansas' first Bluegrass Band.

The Blue Plate Special also features masterful mandolin playing and tenor singing of Mike's wife, Vickie Lynn Theobald. Vickie is a homemaker and mother of two teenage boys.

Robin Macy Bennett sings lead and plays guitar with the group. She has been a teacher, a DJ, a waitress, an actress and has organized and produced various bands, most notably the Dallas-based Dixie Chicks and the Domestic Science Club. With six recordings under her belt, Robin left the big city in favor of small town life.

Mark Bennett (Robinís husband) plays bass, sings lead and is the only member of the band who has ever beaten Robin at Scrabble. He has been a mainstay in the regional Bluegrass circuit for over two decades.

Playing guitar and singing all parts, including lead is Kentucky native Ken White. By age 15, Ken had won the Kentucky State Banjo Championship. Ken went on to study music at the University of Louisville. Ken's list of credits included both a summer tour with fiddle great Vassal Clement, and fill-in duty with the Nashville Bluegrass Band, plus a four year stint playing guitar with The New Tradition.

So, if you're hungry for some good hot pickin' and some fresh down-home singin', make sure you try a serving of the Blue Plate Special.

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