49th Walnut Valley Festival

September 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 2020

National Flat-Picking Championships
Winfield, KS

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49th Walnut Valley Festival

National Flat-Picking Championships
Winfield, KS

Sept. 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 2020

49th Walnut Valley Festival has been postponed
to September 2021 due to COVID-19 Concerns

All tickets sold for WVF 49 will be valid for entry in September 2021

A virtual WVF 48.5 will take place September 12-20, 2020   Details will soon be posted, including links

Be Kind, Stay Safe!

WVF 48.5 Battle of the Bands

Old Memorabilia from past Battles of the Bands

Every year at Winfield you can see some amazing bands playing in the campground at the Walnut Valley Festival. Some are on the camp stages scattered around, but others are jamming at camp sites or along the side of the road as you wander the grove.

We thought we would bring some of the flavor of that to our virtual festival by bringing back a VERY OLD institution—the Battle of the Bands!  (In the early years of the festival there was a battle of the bands as a separate contest. The competition was discarded as the individual instrument competitions grew)

Bands are invited to send us the link to a YouTube video of their band playing 3 songs. The video must be titled as (Your Band Name) WVF 48.5 Battle of the Bands entry. We’ll link to it, we’ll post your band’s donate info along with it, and we’ll let folks vote (by donating to WVF 48.5) for you as the winner of the virtual BATTLE OF THE BANDS.

Votes will be taken until midnight on Friday, September 18.

The winner will be announced in a live stream on Saturday, September 19. Winner will be invited to become part of the lineup to play on the interior at our 49th Walnut Valley Festival in 2021.

Band registration is open August 5th - September 11th!

Girl playing ukulele
Man playing a guitar

See below for rules and registration


Participating bands cannot have been featured, currently or in the past, as part of the official lineup at the Walnut Valley Festival.

Submissions must be recorded in a live setting with no backing tracks. A melded video, a la Acapella, is also acceptable for submission.

Original works are expected. Artists are responsible for securing rights to songs not original or in public domain. Song selections should be Safe For Work, in keeping with WVF’s efforts to keep our event family friendly.

All entries must be submitted by midnight on September 11. Links to videos will be embedded in the official page from the top in the order they are received. This means that the earlier you get in your entry, the closer to the top of the page your band will be.

Battle of the Bands Registration

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