Festival Rules

Festival rules apply when the campground opens!

Winfield Police Department has officers onsite at the festival

EACH PERSON MUST BE WEARING A WRISTBAND TO BE ANYWHERE ON GROUNDS. Tickets must be exchanged for wristbands upon entry and wristbands must be worn at all times on grounds (enforced as of 5pm Land Rush day).


When you enter the Festival grounds, you are subject to a search of your person, including handbags or backpacks, and your vehicle. If you object to a search, DO NOT ENTER. Searches will be conducted at the entry, reentry, interior gates and in the campgrounds.



No animals or pets allowed. This means Dogs, Cats, or Pets of any kind. Pet Boarding information.

Sales of craft items and instruments:

All sales of craft items and instruments have been prearranged through our Craft Director, and will be on display in the Crafts Area near the grandstand. NO SALES of the following will be allowed anywhere on the grounds unless authorized by the Walnut Valley Association, Inc.

  • Craft Items
  • Instruments
  • Recordings
  • Food
  • Services

Radios, stereos, and other loud devices:

Your campground neighbor would appreciate no loud noises in the campgrounds after midnight in order to get a good night’s sleep. Car radios and tape decks must be turned off after midnight. Be considerate: NO LOUD RADIOS OR STEREOS AT ANY TIME. Persons causing a disturbance will be removed from the grounds with NO refund.

“Parkin’ lot pickin’”:

There will be parkin’ lot pickin’ all night. This is why many Festival folks like to camp out. As long as this type of music is played, we do not expect that to disturb anyone.

Campground Fire Safety:

The Walnut Valley Festival & Winfield Fire Department have agreed on regulations and guidelines which will permit the use of campfires and solid fuel cooking appliances at the Festival. Please observe them.

Drones / aerial vehicles:

Are not permitted to overfly the festival.

Handicapped camping and parking areas:

Handicapped camping and parking areas are available. Inquire upon entry as to the location. Only small handicap-required vehicles are allowed in the interior.

Skate boards, roller blades, bicycles:

Walnut Valley Association asks that NO skate boards, razors or anything similar be ridden or used from September 5 through to September 20. These will not be authorized to be used anywhere on the Fairgrounds due to safety concerns.

WVA requests you ride bicycles on the right side of the streets/roads on the Fairgrounds. At night, they must have headlights on the front and red reflectors on the rear. There will be bicycle racks by the South Interior gate.

Motorcycles and mopeds:

Due to the noise, motorcycles and mopeds will not be permitted on grounds, but as a convenience to the owners, the Walnut Valley Association will provide a special parking area for these vehicles near the main Festival entrance.