#23wksp2 Amanda Grapes Dellinger – Violinist to Fiddler


Noon to 4pm CDT         Intermediate to Advanced Skill Level Fiddle Workshop

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Noon to 4pm CDT         Intermediate to Advanced Skill Level

2021 and 2015 WVF Fiddle Contest finalist Amanda Grapes is the fiddlist for Pixie and the Partygrass Boys. Classically trained from the age of two and a backwoods Kentucky fiddler since the age of 7, she prefers the term “fiddlist” to describe her unique blend of both genres. Amanda teaches private lessons in Utah to adults who already play the violin but want to expand their abilities and options to be able to perform or jam in the bluegrass scene.

In this workshop we will explore how to take the skills you already have as a classical musician and apply them to bluegrass tunes and jams. We will begin by learning a couple of fiddle tunes using sheet music and/or ear training. Next, we’ll explore how to use scales, arpeggios, and a variety of standard fiddle licks to use for improvisation and accompaniments on those fiddle tunes. Finally, we will tie these skills together by engaging in a practice jam session in preparation for your grand debut as a jamming fiddler in the campground this weekend!

Participants can be complete beginners to the bluegrass fiddle genre but should have at least an intermediate skill level on the violin instrument. You should be able to play by ear or read sheet music but both are not necessary; both methods will be utilized together in this workshop.

For additional information about Amanda go to https:www.pixieandthepartygrassboys.com

#23wksp2 Amanda Grapes Dellinger – Violinist to Fiddler

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