wksp11 – Mark Alan Wade – Hammer Dulcimer MORNING SESSION Workshop


Intermediate / Advanced Hammer Dulcimer Workshop
9:15am to 3:30pm
Minimum 3 Preregistered participants.   Maximum 30 participants.

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This multi-level workshop is designed to offer new and fun techniques of playing to Intermediate and Advanced levels. As a veteran public school music teacher, Mark is experienced in differentiating his instruction to various levels within a class. In fact, he has taught all grades from kindergarten to graduate students! In the morning, we will work on a bit of Music Theory as it informs the ways we can play back-up and predict chords on HD. We’ll work on easy ways to back up reels, jigs, and waltzes. BONUS: I’ll show you an easy-to-memorize tune to apply what we learn!

In the afternoon session, we will learn clever ways to do variations on your melodies. With just a few tricks, you can play your tunes a little differently each time around– a great skill to have for playing solo or in contests! We are going to use the tune, “Blackberry Blossom,” for this, so it may help you to review this tune in advance. If you can’t, don’t sweat it! Blackberry Blossom is such a fun tune– it works played fast or slowly, like a classical tune.  We’ll end our day by applying our morning session’s back-up techniques to this fun fiddle tune too! To help you keep learning after the workshop is over, Mark will provide videos of the tunes and techniques taught for your review. Class size is limited to the first 30 who register.

wksp11 – Mark Alan Wade – Hammer Dulcimer MORNING SESSION Workshop

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