Campground Fire Safety Precautions

Campfires must be within a 3ft diameter metal fire ring.
Campfire after dark
  • Fire Lanes will be maintained and kept open at all times
  • Campfires will be maintained with a 3 ft. diameter metal fire ring. No fire pits or bonfires permitted. Campfires may not be left unattended. Bring your own fire rings… there may be a limited number at the gate for purchase.
  • The use of straw or woodchips will not be permitted in camp if a campfire is being used.
  • Fire extinguishers or minimum one gallon sized container of water are to be kept immediately available for emergency use at all times.
  • Hot charcoals may only be disposed of in metal barrels marked “HOT CHARCOAL ONLY”, or thoroughly soaked with water before emptying from grill.
  • No flammable liquids (gas, kerosene, Coleman fuel) to be used to start campfires.
  • No open-flame patio torches permitted.
  • No flying Chinese Sky Lanterns or fireworks of any kind per City of Winfield fire ordinances.
  • Commercial vendors using grills or smokers must have fire extinguishers present at all times.
  • Check all gas and electric items on your camper for safety prior to use at the Festival. And don’t forget smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in RVs. They save lives.