Camping Comforts

Showers available at the Walnut Valley Festival
The Winfield Masonic Lodge selling donuts and coffee on the Johnny Popper Tractors at the Walnut Valley Festival
Campers waiting their turn for showers at the Walnut Valley Festival


  • Ice will be available at the north interior gates and near the showers, as well as from circulating trucks in the campgrounds. IIIIICCEE!!
  • Locally-cut firewood will be available near the showers. Help prevent the spread of invasive insects… please don’t bring firewood from outside Cowley County. We may have a limited number of fire rings for sale at the entry, but encourage you to bring a fire ring if you plan a campfire. Please observe the fire safety guidelines.
  • Campground coffee, donuts, juice, and milk: available in the morning from the Winfield Masonic Lodge. Just listen for the ‘poppin johnny’ tractors.
  • Portable Toilets are stationed throughout the campgrounds. Please report any needing service to the Information Booth or Ticket Trailer. We also have trucks servicing campers, available to pump RVs for a fee. To request a pump, fill out a form at the Ticket Trailer or Information Booth.


2019 Shower Information


  • Adults $5
  • Children (under 6) $3

Dates / Hours  TBA