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Come enjoy a massage at the Walnut Valley Festival. Walnut Valley Festival has a group of therapists who are from all over the country that come in to do massage at very affordable rates. The therapists are typically very experienced with an average of 15 years of doing massage so you get a great therapist at a great rate. Fun Fact: The current record in one year is therapists from 8 different states, and clients from 37 states and 3 different countries. It has been a pleasure to have a wide range of techniques available for our clients, whether you’re interested in relaxation, have something specific that needs focused on, or both, we are certain that you will find the therapist that will meet your expectation. Massage sessions are in 15 minute increments, with the rate of $18 for every 15 minutes. You will find that receiving a massage will become another “Winfield” tradition at the festival.


In 1991 Otis Watson started the wonderful beginning of a small massage area that was located in the old theatre building. The theater building was torn down and the massage area was moved to the dirt floor pig pens. Individual rooms were created by putting sheets over the cattle pen gates. It was then moved to the T-shirt barn where it peaked at 20 therapists ,in 1995 to 2000. With no surprise the demand to grow motivated the move to building 10. With techniques and experience put together, we have up to 14 years combined. Through the years the management of the massage team has been moved to Kathy Williams, then to Marian Schuett, and then currently Denny Fitterling, a 25 year veteran of massage. The impact of the Massage Team has made on Walnut Valley attendee’s and musicians has become a tradition for many. We are located in building 10 behind the Stage 2/ T-Shirt Barn. We have about 10-16 Massage Therapists available from 8am-Midnight. Starting the Monday before the Walnut Valley Festival starts.

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