NewSong Showcase

The Walnut Valley Festival NewSong Showcase is curated by Chris Jones, of Chris Jones and the Night Drivers

The NewSong Showcase is a chance for aspiring songwriters to submit their work for review by a professional songwriter/artist, with a chance to appear on stage at one of two sets during the festival. It features ten categories, including songs about Winfield, Children, Religion/Spirit, Feelin’ Blue, Instrumental, Sweet Memories, Love Songs, Better World, Humor and None of the Above. This year entries may be made entirely online, allowing participants to upload their song and accompanying lyrics.

Chris Jones NewSong Showcase Curator 2020- Present

Kelly & Donna Mulhollan
NewSong Showcase Curators from
1994 - 2019

Showcase Categories

Registration for the NewSong Showcase is now Closed.​

Be sure to watch the selected NewSongs performed by the songwriters, solo or with their friends, on Thursday and Saturday of the Festival.

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