Campsite Contest

So when is a campsite more than a campsite? When it’s in the Walnut Valley Festival campsite contest!

Creativity goes into high gear as festival campers endeavor to out-decorate each other. Creative campsites are limited only by the imagination of the campers.

You might see a tropical paradise, a little “log cabin,” or a re-creation of grandmother’s back porch. The “themes” are sure to impress you.

Prizes of merchandise, hats, posters, buckles and the like will be awarded as First, Second, and Third Prizes.

The Walnut Valley Association has commissioned Elk Falls potter Steve Fry to produce a large urn with a brass spigot for the First Prize winner. This beautiful campground centerpiece will have a special design on it, and special matching mugs will be available to be purchased by all those in the winning camp.

Those campers interested in participating in the contest should notify the Information Booth by Friday so that the judges have a complete list.

Photographs and descriptions of the winning campsites will be published in the December issue of the Walnut Valley Occasional.

As you arrive on grounds, please notify the Information Booth if you see an especially interesting, creative campsite. This will enable judges to know where to look for sites to consider.

A member of the Walnut Valley Staff will notify winners. They will be able, then, to pick up their prizes at the Information Booth during the festival.

2021 Winners

1st Place

Lit on the Low Road

2nd Place

Happy Hands Camp

3rd Place

Happy Campers Together Again

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