General Camping Information

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Camping Availability

All camping and electricity at the Walnut Valley Festival is available on a first come, first served basis. Our campgrounds are divided into two separate areas- Pecan Grove or West Campground. There is also a designated handicapped camping area which is part of the West Campground. A quick summary would be that camping areas north or west of our vendors and official stages are West Campground, and camping areas south of them are Pecan Grove. You can find their approximate areas marked on the map below.

Electric and water hookups are available in both Pecan Grove and West Campground, except for the area north of US Highway 160. However, it may be difficult to find a spot where you can reach them by Monday before the festival.

Walnut Valley Festival Campground Rules

Camping Rates

All camping, parking* and electric fees are charged a daily rate and must be paid through the last night of the festival upon arrival. In addition, tickets are not included in the cost of camping and are required in order to be allowed on grounds. All campers are required to purchase at least a 2-day ticket to be eligible for camping. Ticketing information can be found here.

2024 Camping Rates

  • Camping- $15/Day
  • Electric- $12/Day
  • Parking*- $12/Day

*Parking is campground specific and only charged for those who wish to take their vehicle into the campground. There is long-term and day parking available on grounds at no cost.

Campground Amenities

Preregistration, Lineup, & Land Rush

Picking A Campsite
Lining Up For Land Rush

On the Thursday prior to the festival (barring unforeseen circumstances), we hold our annual Land Rush. This is simply the first time that anyone is allowed into the campgrounds to claim their spot and set up their camp. Over the years, we have had many groups develop who like to camp together and in the same place every year so that their friends can easily find them. To do so, they will often arrive weeks in advance to get in line to try to be the first ones into the campground since spots are not reserved.

In 2019, we implemented an online preregistration for campers wishing to participate in Lineup and Land Rush. By preregistering, campers can spread out their costs associated with attending the festival instead of having to pay for everything at the same time. It also allows them to be assured of getting into the campgrounds before those who don’t preregister as long as they take part in Lineup and Land Rush. Preregistration does require paying fees to cover from the initial Lineup through the end of the festival, therefore, campers should not preregister unless they wish to arrive that early. Fees will not be refunded for campers who preregister and do not arrive for Lineup.

Many campers prefer to wait until after Land Rush so they can proceed directly to the campgrounds after paying their fees and not have to pay for the additional time. Campers who choose to wait typically have no difficulty finding a spot to set up their camp (even with access to electric) for a few days after Land Rush.

Curious about Lineup and Land Rush?

Campground Stages, Jams, & Radio

Musicians playing at night in the campgrounds

The music never stops at the Walnut Valley Festival, it just moves around. Whether you sing and play an instrument yourself, or prefer to sit back and watch the show, you can always find music to enjoy.

In addition to our 4 official stages featuring nationally and internationally touring artists, there are several recognized unofficial stages throughout the campgrounds. These campground stages are each operated individually by different camp groups with their own focus and feel. While the stages are a more organized experience, there are countless jam sessions happening around the clock in all parts of the campgrounds. Whether at a campground stage or a jam session you never know who might pass through or join.

We also have a campground radio station that starts broadcasting before Land Rush and continues throughout the festival. Tune in to 105.7 FM for music and interviews from this year’s hired performers along with other festival-related programming.

Feeling Artistic?

Our juried Arts & Crafts fair aren’t the only art-minded people at the festival. Enter your camp in our campsite decorating contest. The top 3 camps receive festival memorabilia and bragging rights.

Want a Hotel Room or
Off-site Camping?

We get it. Camping with large groups of people isn’t for everyone, but they also don’t live close enough to go home every day. Most local hotels are booked for the festival when customers check out the year before, but check our listing of other campgrounds and hotels in neighboring towns for something that fits your needs.

After redeeming your ticket, you can come back through our ReEntry gate instead of waiting in the ticket line.

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