Safety & Emergency Protocols

WVA Safety & Emergency

In case of emergency or if assistance is needed, Call WVA Security at 620-221-3001. If it is a medical emergency, call 911. Let Security or the dispather know the nearest electrical pole number in describing your location.

Helpful Hints if you Need Police or Fire/EMS Assistance

  1. Know where you’re at and be as specific as possible. Look for the number on the electrical pole closest to you-Cowley County Emergency Communications (CCEC) has a map of all the poles and that will help us out. If possible, find the closest landmark to meet an officer at- e.g. main entry, re-entry, north entry gate, etc. Be ready to tell us which entrance would be best for first responder use and the room or location they’re in.
  2. Be prepared to answer questions. CCEC asks questions so that they can provide responders with accurate information on the nature of the incident and help them determine an appropriate response. Just because they are asking questions, that doesn’t mean they aren’t sending help! Dispatchers work together to get calls out; while one person is asking questions, another is sending police or fire/EMS.
  3. Details matter! For EMS response-age of patient, gender, any medical ID bracelets or necklaces they may be wearing, etc. For police response-gender, race, clothing description, approximate age, last direction of travel, on foot or in a vehicle of some kind for police response. For fire response-location, what’s on fire, what’s around it, is everyone safely away from the problem, any hazardous materials potentially involved, etc.
  4. Try and stay calm Dispatchers are trained to deal with hysterical callers HOWEVER if you are calm they will be able to get you assistance more quickly.
  5. Dial 911 for an in-progress or life-threatening event (serious medical event, disturbance, injury accident, anything involving weapons, fire, etc.) Dial (620) 221-5555 for an event that has already occurred or is not an emergency (non-injury accident, theft report that happened earlier, etc.)

When festival begins, EMS will be on grounds. Before then, Urgent Care of Cowley County can help with non-emergency care.

“For non-emergency challenges life throws your way, and you can’t wait all day, come see us for visits such as these:
Minor injuries
Fracture care
Flu swabs
UAs for UTIs
Occupational medicine for Workman’s Comp”

Don’t be the last to know.
Text WVF2021 to 888777
to receive emergency info for severe weather and life safety situations to the festival.

This is a free service offered by Cowley County, you will receive no notifications after the festival is over.

Cowley County also maintains a website that allows you to receive alerts in the event of weather-related emergencies.

You will be asked to complete a profile, and you can enter any locations you care about. The official address of the Walnut Valley Festival is 1105 W 9th Ave, Winfield, KS 67156, USA

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