Campground Rules

Campers at the Walnut Valley Festival
Aerial view of the Walnut Valley Festival
Tents and campers at the Walnut Valley Festival
  • 2024 camping fees are $15/day for basic camping or $27/day for camping with electricity. Camping fees will be paid at the entry gate by credit/debit card. NO CASH OR CHECKS ACCEPTED.
  • Full camping fees must be paid for ALL nights on grounds, sold from day entering to last day of festival.
  • More than 1000 electric hookups available in the Pecan Grove and West campgrounds. Available on first-come, first-served basis. All outlets in the general campgrounds are 30-amp. Some 50-amp are available in handicapped camping.
  • Security personnel on grounds 24 hours a day from Land Rush until festival’s end. Check your Walnut Valley Festival Program for how to contact if you need assistance.
  • No refunds will be issued to people removed from grounds for violation of Festival rules.


  • All fees for purchases at the Gate must be paid by credit/debit card. Cash and Checks will not be accepted.

Gate (& ReEntry after 5pm Wednesday, 9/11) Hours

  • Saturday, 9/7: 2pm – 6pm
  • Sunday 9/8 – Tuesday, 9/10: 8am – 6pm
  • Wednesday, 9/11 (Land Rush Eve) – Thursday, 9/12: 8am 9/11 – 11pm 9/12
  • Friday, 9/13 – Saturday, 9/21: 8am – 11pm
  • Sunday, 9/22: 8am – 3pm

Fairgrounds Access and Tickets
Festival grounds will open for camping to Full Festival ticket holders on Thursday, September 12, at 7am. Only Full Festival ticket holders will be allowed on Festival grounds prior to Thursday, September 19, 2024. Two-day and One-day tickets are good starting at 8am on the day of the ticket. One-day tickets are only valid until midnight or half an hour after interior stages close (but must be redeemed before the gates close) and do not allow their holder to camp. Wristbands must be worn or passes must be on your person at all times while you are on grounds as of 5pm Land Rush day. Walnut Valley is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets/wristbands. PLEASE DO NOT invite people without wristbands. Persons without wristbands or approved ID cannot visit or camp.

Drugs and Alcohol
No Illegal Substances allowed on grounds. Patrons may not bring alcohol into the interior (where our vendors and official stages are located), but Walnut Valley Festival now has a beer and wine tent, offering locally-produced brews, with a fine view of Stage I.

Pets are not allowed at the Walnut Valley Festival. This includes in the campgrounds. We do allow trained service animals. Find our service animal policy at the bottom of this page. We all love our pets like family. Please help keep them, and your fellow Festival attendees, safe by either boarding them or asking a friend to keep them while you enjoy the festival. You can find a list of area boarding options on our Camping Alternatives page.

Camping/Electric Fees and Permits
Campsites and electric hookups are available on a first come, first served basis. Large shelters, tarps, tents, etc. require additional permits. Electric fee pays for ONE outlet at a time. If multiple outlets are used, EACH cord must have a permit or it will be removed. Persons staying over Sunday night, September 22, or later will pay additional fees for each night’s stay starting at 8am Monday. Camping and electrical fees may be paid with credit/debit cards. Campers who wish to hold electric for someone arriving later MUST also purchase a WVF camping stake to do so (see Saving and Sharing Spaces).

Day parking is free for single-day ticket holders. Only Full Festival and Two-Day ticket holders can purchase parking ($12/day) to park vehicles in the campgrounds. All motor vehicles, including RVs, must have the appropriate vehicle sticker visibly displayed in the lower left (driver’s side) corner of the windshield to be allowed in the campgrounds. Motorhome RV campers who wish to have a car in the campgrounds, must purchase a second vehicle sticker. Long-term parking is available in designated areas for campers not wishing to pay a permit fee for an extra vehicle. Patrons wishing to travel between the Pecan Grove and West Campground should plan to walk or use a golf cart or bicycle, as no vehicle may be in either campground without the correct parking sticker. Vehicles parked within a designated roadway or fire lane, blocking another vehicle, or missing the appropriate parking sticker may be towed at owner’s expense.

Saving and Sharing Spaces
Camping spaces can be saved by paying camping fees and marking the space with a WVF camping stake. One stake per camping space. Stakes will be available to purchase at the Ticket Trailer after 11am on Thursday, September 12. Those wishing to hold electric outlets as well must purchase an additional electric permit with their stake. This permit must be attached to a power cord that is A.) plugged in to the pole and B.) either has something plugged in to it or is attached to the purchased stake. No spaces may be saved that have not already been paid for and have a camping sticker or stake on them (tarps, tents, trailers, roped areas, etc.). Please keep your campsite as small and compact as possible. Walnut Valley reserves the right to charge additional camping fees to people blocking extra space. Consider inviting newcomers to join your site. Campground pickin’ and jammin’ have long been valued features of the Walnut Valley Festival, but space is limited; please keep pickin’ and jammin’ within camps, not spread out with additional campground stages.

Campground Stages
Anyone wishing to establish themselves as a “recognized” campground stage with a stage and/or amplified sound system needs written authorization from WVA.

Authorized Vehicles
No unauthorized vehicles (including bicycles) allowed in the interior. Bicycles must have headlights on the front and red reflectors on the rear if used at night. Please drive on the right side of the streets/roads on the fairgrounds, and drive slowly and safely. Drivers of golf carts MUST be 18 years old with valid driver’s license; owners shall provide proof of liability insurance. Golf carts are allowed on the fairgrounds but not on Winfield city streets. If used at night, carts MUST have a headlight with a beam projecting out 25 feet AND a rear facing red marker light for safety. Flashlights, low output LEDs, and closet lights are NOT acceptable as lights. Riders are limited to the seats on the carts.

Golf Carts
In response to survey feedback from festival attendees, there will be a $12/day charge (starting from Land Rush, charged upon arrival through the end of the festival) for each golf cart brought onto the festival grounds. Golf carts will once again be available to rent on grounds (find reservation information on our Camping Comforts page). Carts rented on grounds only require the vendor’s rental fee and not the $12/day charge.

No Unauthorized Gas or Electric ATVs/UTVs
Due to persistent complaints about the noise, speed and exhaust of these vehicles, no unauthorized ATVs/UTVs (Gas or Electric) will be allowed on grounds during festival. Authorized ATVs/UTVs include those operated by WVA, Security, Vendors and Local Emergency Personnel.

Generator Use
Walnut Valley does allow the use of generators. As a courtesy to those around you, please turn off your generator from 10pm-8am unless it is designed to run silent.

Sale of Goods and Services
All sales must be prearranged through Walnut Valley Association and are subject to all Walnut Valley Festival rules as well as Local, State, and Federal laws. Sale or distribution of previously sold goods and services without WVA authorization at the Festival, including in the campgrounds, is prohibited.

• Fire Lanes will be maintained and kept open at all times. All Wheels & Body of vehicle Must Be off the Roadway.
• Campfires will be maintained within a metal fire ring. Fire rings shall be no larger than 3ft. diameter and must be at least 12 inches in height. No bonfires permitted. Campfires may not be left unattended. Bring your own fire rings. There may be a limited number at the gate for purchase.
• The use of straw or wood chips will not be permitted in camp if a campfire is being used.
• Fire extinguishers or one gallon sized container of water to be kept immediately available for emergency use at all times.
• Hot charcoal only disposed of in metal barrels provided that are marked “Hot Charcoal Only”, or will be thoroughly soaked with water before emptying from the grill.
• No flammable liquids (i.e. gasoline or Coleman fuel) to be used to start campfires.
• No open flame (tiki) patio torches permitted.
• No fire art is allowed. Fire art refers to performances such as fire breathing, fire juggling, fire dancing, etc.
• No flying Chinese sky lanterns or fireworks of any kind per City of Winfield fire ordinances.
• Commercial vendors using grills or smokers must have fire extinguisher present at all times.
• Check the gas and electric items on your camper for safety prior to use at the Festival.

Operation and use of remote control Drones on the grounds of the Walnut Valley Festival is prohibited.

This is due to numerous reasons including the following:

  1. To protect the privacy and safety of those attending the festival.
  2. Contractual agreements prohibiting the video recording of the paid performers during the festival.
  3. Possible noise interference of the music being played for the enjoyment of festival attendees.
  4. Liabilities should a drone make contact with one of the structures, poles, power lines or any other objects on festival grounds that might cause injury to attendees.

In cooperation with the Winfield area Boy Scouts, please support our campground recycling program. At the entry, you can get blue and clear trash bags and get extras during the festival.

Use the blue recycling bags for glass containers, plastic (#1-#6), steel cans, and clean paper. Please do not put wet garbage in the blue bags (i.e., dump your drink first).

Use the clear bags for aluminum cans (only). The proceeds from cans will support the Scouts’ recycling program, so help them out by sorting.

Set your recycling near your nearest trash barrel for collection.

Recycling containers will continue be placed in the Interior to collect recyclables. Please do your part and keep trash out of the recycling containers.


Recently our festival has experienced an increased attendance of non-service animal pets, who have accompanied their owners in violation of Kansas and federal law. Moreover, these animals have compromised the health and safety of festival patrons and legitimate service animals. As a result, we have been forced to develop a service animal policy and procedure. The policy and procedure will be strictly enforced and implemented in the interest of ensuring that bona fide service animals are permitted and all other animals are prohibited from Walnut Valley Festival. By law, if an animal’s purpose or task is to provide protection, emotional support, well-being, comfort, or companionship, it is NOT considered a service animal and may NOT attend the festival with you.

Qualified and bona fide service animals are welcome at the Walnut Valley festival. Pets and non-service animals are NOT permitted. It is a crime to misrepresent a pet as a service animal. Those who bring any animal other than a service animal will not be allowed admittance. All service animals must be trained for a specific function, related to a disability, housebroken, leashed and under the direct control of their handler at all times. If any handler does not adhere to these conditions, the handler will be asked to remove the animal from the festival. The handler may then return without the animal.

Walnut Valley Festival reserves the right to refuse service to any individual whose conduct poses a direct threat to the health or safety of other individuals or service animals.


Under the American Disabilities Act (ADA), a service animal is defined as a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability. The task(s) performed by the dog must be directly related to the person’s disability.

ADA is also clear that emotional support, therapy, comfort, or companion animals are not considered service animals and are not permitted in the festival and campground. Though we prefer that Service Dogs have proper identification (vest, documentation, etc.) when you bring them, this is not required. Please be prepared to answer two questions upon entry: 1) Is the dog a service animal required because of a disability? and 2) What work or task has the dog been trained to perform?

Even service animals may be excluded and you may be asked to leave the premises if the service animal is disruptive, the handler is unable to take effective control of the service animal, or the service animal is not housebroken and grounds not maintained. We want all our guests to have a safe and enjoyable experience at the festival. For more information and guidance from the Department of Justice and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regarding your and business entity rights with respect to service animals, visit

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