Contest Registration

2024 National Flat Picking Championships

Early Registration
Begins Thursday, January 11th at 9am Central Time!

Contests are open to anyone except those who are performing as a billed or paid entertainer or workshop leader at the 2024 Walnut Valley Festival. Those who have been the First Place Winner within the past five years – specifically the years 2019 through 2023 are not eligible to compete in 2024. However, previous winners may enter and win contests which they have not won within the last five years. For example, a First Place Winner in the National Bluegrass Banjo Championship in the last five years may enter and win any or all of the other championships.

Only 40 contestants may compete in the International Autoharp, the National Mountain Dulcimer, the National Mandolin, the Walnut Valley Old Time Fiddle, the National Hammer Dulcimer, and the National Bluegrass Banjo Championships. This is the first 40 answering when their names are called from the chronological registration lists, one-half hour before the contest begins. 

Only 50 contestants may enter in the International Finger Style Guitar and the National Flat Pick Guitar Championships. This is the first 50 answering when their names are called from the chronological registration lists, one-half hour before the contests begins.

By being on an official WVF stage, you are giving your permission to have your performance and image livestreamed or recorded (audio, video and still photography) by WVF personnel and contractors.  Any appearance or performance on any official WVF stage is included.  WVA retains the rights to use these recordings for promotion of the championships and festival.

Early Registration Ends Friday, Sept 13 at 5pm. Registration will reopen on festival grounds at the Contest Registration Trailer beginning Thursday, Sept 19 at 8am. 

Only Debit and Credit cards will be accepted on Festival Grounds.
Neither Cash or Checks will accepted on Festival Grounds.

Contestants MUST HAVE A VALID / PURCHASED FESTIVAL TICKET for the day of the contest.   

Register Online or by Calling the festival office at (620) 221-3250

Make sure you review the 2024 contest rules for updates and changes.

Look for New Start Times in two of the championships.

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