49th Walnut Valley Festival

September 15 - 19, 2021

National Flat-Picking Championships
Winfield, KS

49th Walnut Valley Festival has been postponed
to September 2021 due to COVID-19 Concerns

All tickets previously sold for WVF 49 will be valid for entry in September 2021. Tickets are also currently available for purchase.

Land Rush FAQs (All info for 2019; Will update soon for 2021)

Do I HAVE to preregister for camping in order to take part in Land Rush?

No. If you would rather not preregister, you may simply show up at 1pm for Pre-Linup on August 29, park behind the Horse Barns, and wait for your turn to advance into the staging areas for West or Pecan Grove campgrounds. Be aware, though, that those who have preregistered, in rows A-F, will advance into the staging areas before your line.

Do I have to go online to preregister?

No. You can preregister by visiting our office or calling us at 620-221-3250. You may also send in this form (uploaded form) postmarked on or after July 1 (mail-in forms received in the office before July 1 will be returned to sender, unprocessed). Be aware, though, that your number in the queue will depend on when staff receive and enter your information into the system. And staff, in processing your preregistration, will be entering your information into the very same system that you would otherwise be using in preregistering online

If I have preregistered, do I HAVE to be there on August 29, the first day of Pre-Lineup?

No. If it is important to you to be at the front of your row, you may very well want to arrive at your assigned time on August 29. But those who show up on on or before August 31 may simply park at the end of the line in the zone they were assigned (A-F). After August 31, though, newcomers will be put at the very end of the line for assignment of Land Rush numbers.

Do I have to purchase tickets before I can preregister for camping?

You may purchase tickets at the same time as you preregister for camping, but camping preregistration is a separate transaction. You do not have to purchase tickets before you can preregister.

I have preregistered, but have not received my form telling me which Row I will be in on Sorting Day. Why Not?

Preregistrations will be taken July 1-31, but Row Forms will be sent to campers only AFTER July 31. If you have preregistered but have not received your Row Form by August 26, contact the WVA office at 620-221-3250

Let’s say that….  1) Bob preregisters for 2 permits.  2) Bob’s buddy preregisters for 2 permits. 3) Bob brings his truck and trailer for

parking in the pre-line rows.  The truck is parked in one space and the trailer is parked in another space.  Each unit has 2 camping permits. 4) On Sorting Day, Bob and his buddy are in the truck, pulling the trailer.  They have paid for 4 camping spaces and will be able to get 4 City permits and 4 Land Rush numbers.  Is this correct?

If Bob and his friend each pay for 2 preregistrations they will receive two paid receipts with line-up registration numbers.  Bob can park a truck with 2 preregistration receipts in one parking spot and a trailer/camper with 2 preregistration receipts in another parking spot. If the truck and trailer/camper are in the same designated row, Bob and his friend can hook the truck to the trailer/camper and both ride in the truck to the designated Pecan or West camping lines.  The result will be that Bob and his friend will receive 4 City Camping permits. They will be reserving a total of 4 spaces in the Land Rush line-up. If the truck and trailer/camper are not in the same designated row, Bob and his friend have two options.  The easiest option will be to bring another pull vehicle for the trailer/camper.  The other [more difficult] option would be for Bob to drive the truck to the designated Land Rush row, put down two tarps to hold the two prepaid spaces, go back to hook on to the trailer/camper and go through the line again. Let’s hope Bob makes the right choice.


I have preregistered for camping, but I have not received my Land Rush Number. When will I receive it?

After July 31 those who have preregistered will receive a Row Form, which will indicate which row they should be in at the start of the Pre-Linup. The Row Form will not have your number in that line, but be aware the earlier you preregister the more likely you are to be in rows with fewer campers and first to advance into the staging areas. You will not receive a Land Rush Number until you have already moved from your initial row into the staging area for either West or Pecan campground. Land Rush Numbers will only be given out on or after Number Day, September 7.

Can I pay for additional electric when I preregister?

In 2019, preregistration is limited to only the basic camping fee for rough camping. When you arrive on grounds, you can pre-pay for electric or opt to pay for electric after Land Rush on September 12.

Do I have to stay with my vehicle after I have arrived on August 29, for Pre-Lineup?

No. You may leave a vehicle or camper/trailer in your spot. Once you have reached your spot in your designated zone, you can put down tarps to hold your spot, and then leave in your vehicle. You must have a preregistration (assuming you have preregistered) for each spot occupied. Those who did not preregister are still limited to a maximum of two spots.

Can I bring a friend’s preregistration and have it in the windshield of my vehicle, as I take part in Pre-lineup?

You may only have two preregistrations in your vehicle if they were BOTH completed as part of ONE transaction. Two completely separate preregistrations may not be represented by one vehicle during Pre-lineup.

I won’t know if I want to purchase electric from Number Day (September 7) to Land Rush (September 12) until I see where I will be in the staging area for Pecan or West campground. Can I purchase electric at Pre-Lineup?

There will be a Pre-Pay Station set up at the Fairgrounds on August 29 Day for anyone who wants to purchase electric for a certain period.  If you find you are located in the staging area with available electric close by, you can go to the Pre-Pay Station and purchase electric for that time period. Since WVA’s lease does not begin until September 7, you will need to pay City of Winfield for electric up to that point.

What if I want to bring in a car as well as my RV at Land Rush?

ANY vehicle entering the Pecan Grove or West Campgrounds must have a Land Rush number. Anyone wanting a car or other support vehicle to follow their camping unit at the same time must purchase 2nd vehicle sticker at the same time [ask for two City of Winfield envelopes on Sorting Day or upon entering] in order to get a sequential Land Rush number to follow first Land Rush vehicle.  No more than one unit allowed behind tow vehicle.

I receive Comp Camping. How do I preregister and take part in Pre-Lineup?

Look for a letter in July explaining what you need to do. If you receive comp camping and intend to take part in Pre-Lineup and Land Rush, then we will need to generate for you a preregistration, which will provide information on the row you should be in for pre-lineup. If you know you will receive comp camping and generally take part in Land Rush, please feel free to call the office after July 1 and we will process a preregistration for you.

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