1991 NewSong Showcase Winners & Alternates Archive

1st Place:
“Ghost of a Band” by Douglas Delaney-Lawrence, KS
2nd Place:
“The Things We Leave Behind” by Kenny Cornell-Broken Arrow, OK
3rd Place:
“A River For Gatherin'” by Larry L. Booth-Colby, KS

Honorable Mention:

  • “Walnut Valley Lullaby” by John Brayfield-Elkland, MO
  • “The Spirit of Winfield” by Dan Bynum-Oklahoma City, OK
  • “Bluegrass Buddah” by Ron Fent-Lawrence, KS
  • “She’s Walnut Valley” by Ernie & Patti Hill-Van Buren, AR
  • “Walnut Valley Flu” by C. Randy Parks-Oxford, KS
  • “On a Walnut Valley Morning” by Bradley Piccolo-Austin, TX
  • “Winfield Song” by Mackie Redd-Sedan, KS
  • “Lady Winfield” by Robert Swain-Tulsa, OK


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