1995 NewSong Showcase Winners & Alternates Archive

  • “Walnut Valley” by Greg Allen-Lawrence, KS
  • “When I Pass Through Walnut Valley” by Bob Childers-Stillwater, OK
  • “If That River Could Talk” by Patty Clayton-Edgewater, CO
  • “Down In the Valley” by Gary Gackstatter-Arkansas City, KS
  • “Winfield: People of the South Wind” by Gary Gackstatter-Arkansas City, KS
  • “When Walnut Valley’s Playing in My Mind” by Doug Krehbiel-White Pigeon, MI
  • “The Spirit of Winfield” by Bill Langsdorf-Lawrence, KS
  • “Coming Home to Winfield” by Angie Moore-Houston, TX
  • “Pickers Paradise” by Dan Park- Pagosa Springs, CO
  • “One of a Kind” by Dan Park-Pagosa Springs, CO
  • “Walnut Valley Flu” by C. Randy Parks- Oxford, KS
  • “Walnut Valley Bluegrass Harmony” by C. Randy Parks-Oxford, KS
  • “I’m Gonna Be in Winfield in September” by Andie Peterson-Mankato, KS
  • “Just Like Coming Home” by C. Reed-Manhattan, KS
  • “Way Cross Winfield” by BG Sonnier- Oklahoma City, OK
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