2001 NewSong Showcase Winners & Alternates Archive

First listed performed Thursday (Sept. 13, 2001) and the second listed performed Saturday (Sept. 15, 2001).


  • “Hayes Hotel” Jimmy Abraham; Albuquerque, NM
  • “Fatherless Child” Janne Henshaw; Nashville, TN


  • “A Fool Who Would Not Rush In” TR Ritchie; Moab, UT
  • “Red Dirt” Charisse Lowe; Wichita, KS


  • “Hope’s Good Nap” Jim MacWilliams; Colorado Springs, CO
  • “White Hair & Wisdom” Don Julin; Traverse City, MI


  • “The YZA-BCD Blues” Roy Culbertson; Belleville, IL
  • “Baseball Baseball” Dan O’Brien; Evergreen, CO


  • “While We’re Waiting” Richelle Basgall; Roeland Park, KS
  • “At the End of the Day” Janne Henshaw; Nashville, TN


  • “Ain’t Got the Blues” TR Ritchie; Moab, UT
  • “The Right Road” Stan Sullivan; New Britain, CT

Humor & Silliness

  • “The Ballad of Thomas Crapper” Gary Parent; Oklahoma City, OK
  • “Nashberg, TN” Dave Schaper; Parker, CO

Feelin’ Blue

  • “(If it Ain’t) One Damn Thing” Jennie Dieball; Manhattan, KS
  • “All the Time That I Need” Terry Quiett; Winfield, KS


  • “Turn it Around” Doug & Jude Krehbiel; Newton, KS
  • “Somebody’s Brother” Mary L. Huckins; Kittredge, CO

30 Years of Walnut Valley Festival

  • “What the Hell” Jeff Lilley & Jim Pierce; Lawrence, KS
  • “The Music and the Makers” John Mitchell; Sugar Creek, MO
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