2013 NewSong Showcase Winners & Alternates Archive

Thursday showcase Saturday showcase
None of Above Below winner: Bryan Masters Romeo Describes winner: Randy Parks Dying in the Mine
alternate: Bob Hall This Life alternate: Kenny Cornell The Devil He Won’t Find Me There No More
Feelin’ Blue winner: Ron Land Morning winner: Rosie Gorrell When the Wheat Waved Goodbye
alternate: G. Lucas & R. Runyon  Slumber alternate: Peter Lippincott No Money Yet
Children winner: Eric Smith Get Up Outta That Bed winner: Gina Holsopple The Rainbow
alternate: James Brentar Sing the Chorus alternate: Susan Gammon Doodle Doo
Winfield winner: Jim McCarter Picker’s Paradise winner: G. Lucas & R. Runyon No Showcase
alternate: Margo Martin Request for Mr. Redford alternate: Scott & Gail Boyd Behind the Windshield
Instrumental winner: Jimmy DeHeno My Sister’s Waltz winner: Helen Avakian Sister Song
alternate: David Kuncicky Blind Boy Billy Breakdown alternate: Nate Puttorak The Wandering
Religion/Spirit winner: Lauren Heintz Feels Like a Miracle winner: Spencer Williams My Prayer
alternate: Jim McCarter Pair of Dice (Paradise) alternate: Bob Hall Home Again Someday
Humor winner: Joy Zimmerman Wish You’d Met Me When My Stomach Was Flat winner: Brian Dacus (Ode to) Bill Monroe
alternate: Rosie Gorrell Cowboy’s Cowgirl alternate: Tommy Reese Sisters
Better World winner: Ryan Triggs Better Times winner: Peter & Mary Danzig (Otter Creek) Bidder 70
alternate: Bob Hall Time to Go alternate: Cindy Novelo Deliver Me
Sweet Memories winner: Tim Terral How to Say Goodbye winner: Gene Collier Ode to Wallace
alternate: Jimmy DeHeno I Think She Likes Me alternate: Spencer Williams Golden Boy
Love winner: Kenny Cornell I’m Gonna Be a Grandpa winner: Julie Sutton In Bed With You
alternate: Jacob Wiley Ash Kansas Sun alternate: Gina Holsopple I’m In Love
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