2015 NewSong Showcase Winners & Alternates Archive

Thursday showcase Saturday showcase
Winfield winner: James Campbell Pickin’ on the Breeze winner: Billy Palmer It Wasn’t Just a Truck
alternate: Bob Hall & Tim Terral Down in Walnut Valley alternate: C. Randy Parks Winfield in Heaven
Children winner: Annie Wilson Doggie Paradise winner: Anne & Colleen Williamson Grade ‘A’ Fancy
alternate: Eric Smith  Chasin’ Frogs alternate: Randy Sauer Going Fishing
Religion/Spirit winner: Robert Tims & Diana Bourgeois Bless My Enemies winner: Carol Montag A Cross On a Hill
alternate: Dan Weber Take a Liking To You alternate: Peter Lippincott The Beat of Angels’ Wings
Feelin’ Blue winner: Bryan Masters Heart Shaped Hole winner: Larry Martin Let It Rain
alternate: Annie Wilson Stopping By the Homestead Ruins alternate: Randy S. Teal Empty Saddles
Instrumental winner: Steve Taylor Free Flight winner: Helen Avakian McTammy’s Jig
alternate: Brian Henke Into the Trees alternate: Larry Martin Ed Michel
Sweet Memories winner: C. Randy Parks Counting Highline Poles winner: Gee Lucas & Robert Runyon Little Cowboy
alternate: Jen Hajj Remembrance alternate: Amy Coffman Ethic (Work Hard)
Love Songs winner: Emmie Chasteen It’s a Good Thing winner: Maggie Vogts Remain
alternate: Ryan Triggs I Thought You’d Never Ask alternate: Ron Land Set You On Fire
Better World winner: Joy Zimmerman Sweet Bird winner: Dan Weber Oh Woody
alternate: David Hakan Your Business Dollars alternate: Mike ‘Icky’ Ichniowski Goin’ Woody’s Way
Humor winner: Mark Gunter Convenient Desperation winner: Mike Yoder I Miss Pluto
alternate: Jim Herrman Jackie alternate: Bryan Masters Friends Don’t Let Friends Karaoke
None of the above winner: Fred Baue Stovall’s Grove winner: Kenny Cornell Fresh Off the Strings
alternate: Kathy Wieland Momma Liked to Fish alternate: Amy Coffman The More Things Change
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