49th Walnut Valley Festival

September 15 - 19, 2021

National Flat-Picking Championships
Winfield, KS

September 15 - 19, 2021
National Flat-Picking Championships
Winfield, KS

49th Walnut Valley Festival has been postponed to September 2021 due to COVID-19 Concerns

All tickets previously sold for WVF 49 will be valid for entry in September 2021. Tickets are also currently available for purchase.

2016 NewSong Showcase Winners & Alternates

Thursday showcase Saturday showcase
Winfield winner: Kay Kugler Picker’s Paradise winner: Kenny Cornell I Just Saw Elvis
alternate: Scott Earl & Gail Boyd Behind the Windshield alternate: John Mitchell I’m At Winfield (You’re On Your Own)
Children winner: Carl Gustafson A Whale At Winfield winner: Kjersten Danzig Photosynthesis
alternate: Eric Smith Racin’ Chasin’ alternate: David Hakan Jumping Rope
Religion/Spirit winner: Eric Smith Bow Your Head winner: Annie Wilson Pocket World
alternate: Mark Heinrich Poppin’ Corn alternate: Peter Lippincott I Don’t Go To Church Much Anymore
Feelin’ Blue winner: Tim Terral Won’t Be Long winner: Maggie Vogts Alexander
alternate: Sophia Motta Black Hearts alternate: Robert S. Tims Colorado Wind
Instrumental winner: Giri Peters Spunky Creek winner: Jory Lane Algorhythm
alternate: Fred Baue Too Deep For Words alternate: Wayne Ruble Launch Pad / Orion’s Belt
Sweet Memories winner: Ron Walker Where Memories Are Kept winner: Zephaniah Stringfield Going to North Carolina
alternate: Don Richmond Old Stuff alternate: Kenny Cornell That Old Front Porch
Love Songs winner: GIna Holsopple Back To You winner: Joy Zimmerman Jump On In
alternate: Rosie Gorrell Hobo Love Song alternate: Bryan Masters Silver & Gold
Better World winner: Mike ‘Icky’ Ichniowski Woody & the Golden Tower winner: Randy S. Teal Angelina
alternate: David Lizor What’s a Rhino? alternate: Michael Shainline I Dreamed Terry Gross Came to Interview Me
Humor winner: Carla Ulbrich Gotta Start Smokin’ winner: John Hutchison Armageddon Nervous: the Apocalypso Song
alternate: Mark Briand The Star Trek Song alternate: John McGee I Want to Buy a Harley
None of the above winner: Mike Benish 6 String Therapy winner: Walter Schmidt Arkansas I Hear You Calling
alternate: Randy S. Teal What Happened to the Cowboys? alternate: John McGee Running Away
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