Walnut Valley Festival Preregistration for Land Rush

Walnut Valley Festival Preregistration for Land Rush

Winfield, Kansas ˗ Organizers have announced their intention to take online preregistrations for Lineup & Land Rush July 3-9, in advance of the 51st Walnut Valley Festival, September 13-17. While the basic process will remain as it has since organizers debuted online camping preregistration, there will be some changes in platform, payments, and general camping.

Preregistration is intended only for those who will take part in both Lineup (August 26) AND Land Rush (Sept. 7). The Festival will take preregistrations through the ETIX ticketing system, from links provided on the Walnut Valley Festival (WVF) website. While this will make for a more robust online platform, it will require campers to pay ETIX processing fees. Preregistration will be limited to 250 spots in West campground, and 400 Spots in Pecan campground, numbers which are in line with the number of preregistrations the festival has received over the last several years. Those who preregister will receive immediate notification of their row assignment, and the complete schedule for Lineup will be distributed to all participants in early August.

Campers will now be able to pay for City of Winfield AND Walnut Valley Festival camping in one combined payment; previously patrons paid for each time period separately. This will be true both in the preregistration process as well as in payments taken on grounds during Lineup. This change will also allow campers to pay for everything using a credit or debit card. Importantly, for payments on grounds during Lineup and Land Rush, and ticket and camping purchases during Festival, personal checks will no longer be accepted.

Finally, the time period for the initial Lineup on August 26 will be extended to cover the full day. Rows for each campground will alternate throughout the day, which should reduce congestion as campers pay at the end of their row lineup. However, this also means that those who have NOT preregistered for Lineup should wait until at least Sunday, August 27, to enter the lineup. Full information on the process and changes made this year can be found at wvfest.com/land-rush-instructions.

WVF Grounds Coordinator Rick Meyer:  

“We continue to tweak the camping preregistration system every year, to make the entire process easier on patrons who take part in Lineup and Land Rush, and less demanding on our staff. By introducing alternating time periods for campers in the two campgrounds, we will extend the time we take for Lineup, but we will reduce congestion for each row we process. This should mean that it will go faster for individual campers as they complete the Lineup and the payment process afterward. We are also happy to announce that campers will be able to make one combined payment for camping to both City of Winfield and the Festival, something that patrons have requested for years.”

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