WVA Announces Winners and Alternates for 2021 NewSong Showcase

August 27, 2021
Organizers of the 49th Walnut Valley Festival have announced the winners and alternates of the 2021 NewSong Showcase. The NewSong Showcase gives aspiring songwriters a chance to submit their work for review by a professional songwriter/artist, and features ten categories, including Songs about Winfield, Children, Religion/Spirit, Feelin’ Blue, Instrumental, Sweet Memories, Love Songs, Better World, Humor and None of the Above. The writers of the top songs in each category are given the opportunity to play their song onstage at the Walnut Valley Festival.

Chris Jones, writer, broadcaster, and front man for Chris Jones and the Night Drivers, serves as curator for the Showcase, coordinating with a team of reviewers in making the difficult call as to who gets top honors. Reviewers also provide feedback for the authors of all songs submitted, although that response takes a bit of time to get out to all the songwriters.

Chris Jones: “We had more entries this year than last, and the quality of submissions was exceptional. I love the process of discovering new songs, so I really appreciate the Walnut Valley Festival entrusting me with this job. I’m also grateful to the outstanding judges who lent their ears and their hearts to the often-difficult task of determining winners, and who have compiled some really valuable feedback to get out to all the writers. I’m especially thankful to the songwriters who open themselves up every year and let us hear their work and their art.”

Songs about Winfield:

“Winfield Songs and Dreams” – Greg Johns        Thursday
“This Winfield Thing” – David Parker                                   Saturday

“Dirt Road” – Deann Kinsch                                                   Thursday
“Hey Water” – Terry Rayburn                                                    Saturday

Songs For a Better World:

“New Song” – Elexa Dawson                                                 Thursday
“That Brick House North of Colfax” – Michael Shainline,    Saturday

“Feedback Loop” – Anne Wright                                           Thursday
“The BBQ vs the Kale Salad” – Noah Musser                       Saturday

Sweet Memories:

“Polaroid Memories” – Jim McCarter                                     Thursday
“They Don’t Make ’em Like That Anymore” – Joe Worrel    Saturday

“Mama’s Tough Love” – Eric Smith                                       Thursday
“Somebody Played Wildwood Flower” – Don Richmond     Saturday


“Open My Eyes” – Jody Nelson                                             Thursday
“The Old Fiddler’s Christmas” – Fred Baue                           Saturday

 “Healing Horizon” – Annie Wilson                                       Thursday
 “Live Your Life” – Robert Tims                                            Saturday

 Suitable For Children:

“Runaway Nell” – Annie Wilson                                            Thursday
“Poppin’ Corn” – Mark Heinrich                                            Saturday

“Purple Bird” – Ron Fent                                                         Thursday
“Juniper Tuesday” – Brian Henke                                          Saturday

Humorous Songs:

“Knock Knock” –  Lori Beth Wisian-Brooke                        Thursday
“Overalls” – Karyn Schafer and Sally Vee                             Saturday

“Crocodile Dreams” – Mark L. Heinrich                                Thursday
“Bluegrass, Maximilian and Me” – David Parker                  Saturday


“The Squirrel and the Bluejay” – Rob Loren                        Thursday
“Sugar Bottom Rag” – Gary Mortensen                                 Saturday

“Matching Socks” – Lauralyn Bodle                                      Thursday
“Last of the Cyclopes” – Noah Musser                                  Saturday

Love Songs:

“The Orchard” – John Depew                                                Thursday
“Glad We Came” – Elexa Dawson                                         Saturday

“Our Forever’s a Little Bit Late” – Annie Wilson             Thursday
“Ode to Odette” – R Gene Collier                                          Saturday

Feelin’ Blue:

“I’ve Lost You” – Joe Worrell                                                Thursday        
“Under Your Moon” – Tim Fast                                             Saturday

“Missed Too Many Moons” – Annie Wilson                         Thursday
“Gone” – Jim Campbell                                                          Saturday

None of the Above:

Final Winners:
“Mister Would You Help Me” – Don Richmond                   Thursday
“Redemption” – Derrick Mears                                              Saturday

“Midnight Train” – Kevin Corbett                                          Thursday
“Water into Wine” – Joe Worrell                                            Saturday

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