2024 Spring Occasional

Walnut Valley Occasional

Spring 2024

Exciting Changes in Store for Walnut Valley Festival in 2024

A J Lee & Blue Summit
Common Chords
Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley
Becky Buller Band
D'iddario String Recycle
Scott Cook & Pamela Mae

First and foremost, you may notice that we have a LOT of new faces on crew, and we want to thank all of you who work this year. We had more than 100 new workers in 2023, and this year is shaping up to surpass that. This festival cannot survive without your help, and we thank you all for your hard work before, during and after festival. We hope you are hooked on the challenging but rewarding work that we do to organize the event, and that we will see you back next year.

Before you even make it onto grounds, you will notice that we have shortened the time between Lineup (9/7) and Land Rush (9/12), meaning you will spend less money on camping before festival begins. Remember, our front gate stays open all night for Land Rush, but will operate from 8am to 11pm afterward. Please plan your arrival accordingly.

We are excited to introduce a new tiered system for youth tickets, making it much more affordable for families to attend Walnut Valley Festival. Teens aged 11-15 years old can now attend for half the cost of an adult ticket. Children up to 5 years old still get in free, and tickets for ages 6-11 cost $10. These tickets are only sold at the gate, and kids must be accompanied by adult.

Like many other events and venues, Walnut Valley Festival’s front gate is going cashless, with only debit and credit cards accepted at front gate. For speedier entry, be sure and purchase your tickets online beforehand, and have them ready for scanning at the gate. As you enter, check out the new look of our pocket-sized full color programs.

Continuing our commitment to sustainability, we are expanding our food waste reduction program with Wichita’s Nudge Compost. This year we intend to enroll more interior food vendors in the program. Don’t forget to participate in the Clean Camp initiative for a chance to win passes to WVF 53 in 2025!

Have you ever noticed how many superb musicians also are talented crafts makers? This year we are rolling out an area for them to put all their skills on display, called Art Beat Ally. Look for the schedule in your program, and catch them doing their thing on Friday and Saturday afternoon.

We know many of our campground pickers like to spend nights wearing out their strings, so this year we will join with Stage 5 and Stage 6 to collect used instrument strings for recycling. The program is a joint effort with D’Addario, CF Martin and Terracycle, and you can find the distinctive collection bins near Stages 5 and 6 in the campgrounds, and across from the Info Booth in the interior.

Celtic band RUNA returns, and will again be collecting socks for those in need. Socks in the Frying Pan, as you might expect, are teaming up with RUNA in this effort. Runatics and Socks fans unite! Look for the sock bin in the Mercantile, as you shop for your merch and performer CDs.

And the music? Once again, we have brought some of the best musicians in the world to Winfield, KS. New acts include AJ Lee & Blue Summit, Common Chords (Robert Jones and Matt Watroba), Crying Uncle Bluegrass Band, Scott Cook & Pamela Mae, Nathan McEuen, Rick Faris Band, Front Porch, Little Big Twang, and Sally & the Hurts.

Several performers in the 2024 lineup are artists who made many fans in their debut last year, including The Barefoot Movement, Becky Buller Band, Tina Bergmann & Bryan Thomas, Haymakers, Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley, Pixie & the Partygrass Boys, and RUNA.

Perennial favorites returning to Winfield include Socks in the Frying Pan, The Steel Wheels, Bing Futch, Beppe Gambetta, Shane Hennessy, Chris Jones & the Night Drivers, John McCutcheon, Special Consensus, Roz Brown & Jim Ratts, Andy May, Karen Mueller, Old Sound, Barry Patton, Dave Stamey, Linda Tilton, and Weda Skirts.

Chris Jones returns to curate the festival’s songwriting exhibition, NewSong Showcase. Andy May also returns to host his Acoustic Kids Showcase, giving young musicians an opportunity to appear on stage and gain experience in front of a live, supportive audience. The youngest festival goers can enjoy a variety of kids’ activities at Feisty’s Music Camp for Kids, hosted by Erin Mae, Aaron Fowler, and Stage 6.

We welcome back to grounds River Rat Print & Skate, a Lawrence-based crew who will be here with official WVF t-shirt and apparel designs. You can find them in Barn 8, the big red barn next to Stage II, along with official WVF 52 mug producers Gallery Mostaza, and Prestige Monogram’s official hats and other embroidered items.

Join us for more than 200 hours of music across 4 stages, 8 instrument championships, a juried Arts and Crafts fair, a Songwriters Showcase, Andy May’s Acoustic Kids, Kids Crafts, Feisty’s Music Camp for Kids, Wednesday Workshops, the Ozark Music Shoppe online show, and an array of fantastic food vendors. We can’t wait to welcome you back to Winfield!

Bart Redford
Executive Director

Rick Faris Band
Midway, 2023
Crying Uncle Bluegrass Band
Socks in the Frying Pan
Nathan McEuen
Mostaza Pottery
Bing Futch

Please check your propane and fuel tanks BEFORE
you arrive on festival grounds.


The 2024 Walnut Valley Festival line up has a multitude of music to offer, from hard core bluegrass to progressive jamgrass to traditional folk music and more, you will find a lot to like. Six new acts will be taking the stages along with your favorite new bands from last year and perrenial favorites.  Be sure to catch all the different music available.  The days of appearance are below, so take a look, check out their bios and their music and set your schedules to catch all the bands while you are at WVF.

Preliminary Stage Schedules Are Available!

The Preliminary Stage Schedules are available for review and for planning your festival.  Please note that while we will follow this schedule closely, there will be updates before the festival.  Please check the page for any updates that might happen before the festival begins.


The luthiers have  gone above and beyond to provide extremely nice instruments for the winners of our eight regional, national and international championships. Our immense gratitude goes to each and every luthier, their families and their employees for their continued support of the National Flat Picking Championships hosted by the Walnut Valley Festival and promoted throughout the world.  It is because of these luthiers, WVF has been able to give over $3.1 million in instruments and prizes over the past 52 years.  Please support these luthiers by purchasing your next instrument or any accessories from these hardworking people, either either in their booth under the grandstand, from their brick and mortar stores or from their on-line stores.  Tell them Walnut Valley Festival sent you.


Whippoorwill Acoustics – Luthier’s Choice Custom Diatonic Autoharp
Paw Paw, MI     260-249-5561     whippoorwillacoustics.com 

d’Aigle Autoharps – 15-Chord G-D Diatonic Autoharp
SeTac, WA    (800)630-4277   daigleharp.com

Walnut Valley Association – $600 Cash
Winfield, KS     620-221-3250     wvfest.com 


Huss & Dalton Guitar Company – Winfield Custom Finger Style Guitar
Staunton, VA          540-887-2313          hussanddalton.com

Taylor Guitars – 50th Anniversary Builder’s Edition 814ce-LTD Guitar 
El Cajon, CA          619-258-1207          taylorguitars.com

Bourgeois Guitars – Touchstone Signature Guitar
Lewiston, ME          207-786-0385   

To Register
for one or more contests, 
Click on This Link:


to register with a
credit card


The Dulcimer Shoppe / McSpadden Mountain Dulcimers

4FHMgMg-E Custom Mango, purfling stripe and pickup

6FHWWB-E – 6-String Baritone , Walnut with ebony fretboard and black tuners

4SGCC-E – Scroll Head Cherry Ginger with Ebony Fretboard and black tuners

Mountain View, AR          870-269-4313          mcspaddendulcimers.com


Bourgeois Guitars – M5-F Mandolin
Lewiston, ME          207-786-0385       bourgeoisguitars.com

Walnut Valley Festival – Second Place $1,500 Cash
Winfield, KS        620-221-3250          wvfest.com

Walnut Valley Festival – Third Place $750 Cash
Winfield, KS        620-221-3250          wvfest.com

See the
Contest Rules


Beautiful Music Violin Shop

Gliga Vasile Master Fiddle, Carpathian Birdseye

Ming JIang Zhu European Tonewood Fiddle

BMVS 700 Fiddle

Lawrence, KS          785-856-8755          beautifulmusicviolinshop.com 


Collings Guitars – Winfield Model Guitar
Austin, TX          512-288-7776          collingsguitars.com

C.F. Martin & Company – D-28 Modern Deluxe Dreadnought Guitar
Nazareth, PA          610-759-2837          martinguitar.com

Preston Thompson Guitars – D-MA Custom Guitar
Sisters, OR          541-588-6211          pktguitars.com

Be sure to check out all of the 2024 Luthiers, Prizes, and instrument descriptions on our website to get a complete list of prizes.


Songbird Dulcimers Finch Chromatic Pro Hammer Dulcimer
Muscatine, IA     563-571-5296          songbirdhd.com

Master Works, Inc. – Russell Cook Ultralight Chromatic Extended Range Hammer Dulcimer
Bennington, OK          580-847-2273          masterworksok.com

Rick Thum Hammer Dulcimers – 17/17 Professional Chromatic Hammer Dulcimer
Eureka, MO          314-406-0690          rthum.com


Deering Banjo Company

Deering Calico Banjo

Deering Rustic Wreath Banjo

Deering White Lotus

Spring Valley, CA          800-845-7791          deeringbanjos.com


We’ve Heard You!

Lineup will take place when Walnut Valley Festival camping rates go into effect—September 7 this year. This will reduce the time between Lineup and Land Rush, reducing overall costs for campers electing to take part in Lineup.

For camping Preregistration, we will reduce the number of spots available in some rows. In Pecan, we will add 2 rows to compensate for this reduction. The total number available in West will be reduced, but not below the number of preregistrations typically received. Be aware that this will cause those individual rows to be filled quicker during preregistration, but it will also allow us to condense the Lineup schedule and reduce the amount of time it takes to get everyone processed.

In addition, while cash & checks may still be used during preregistration for those choosing to register in person or by mail, all fees paid on grounds to WALNUT VALLEY must be paid with a credit or debit card. CASH & CHECKS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED ON GROUNDS DURING LINEUP OR AT THE TICKET TRAILER PRIOR TO AND DURING FESTIVAL.

NewSong Showcase

Walnut Valley Festival's NewCase Showcase is curated by Chris Jones, of Chris Jones & The Night Drivers

The NewSong Showcase is a chance for aspiring songwriters to submit their work for review by a professional songwriter/artist, with a chance to appear on stage at one of two sets during the festival. It features ten categories, including Songs About Winfield, Children, Religion/Spirit, Feelin’ Blue, Instrumental, Sweet Memories, Love Songs, Better World, Humor and None of the Above. This year entries may be made entirely online, allowing participants to upload their song and accompanying lyrics.  Be sure to get all the details and register your song for the showcase at the link below.

Entertainer Spotlight

AJ Lee

AJ Lee grew up attending music festivals and now lives her life in music.  Watch this video and learn about the adventurous life of music.


Trey Hensley

Trey Hensley is referred to  as “Nashville’s hottest young player” by Acoustic Guitar magazine.  Trey has played with a list of who’s who and is the 2023 IBMA Guitar Player of the Year.  Watch the video below and learn more about Trey and his music.

Noah Wall

Raised in rural North Carolina, Noah Wall is a multi-talented performer.  As a musician, narrator, actress, session vocalist, and radio personality, she has carved an established career from her various artistic endeavors.  Watch the video below and learn more about Noah and her music.

Thanks to the artists for permission to use these videos

Acoustic Kids Showcases 2024

Andy May’s Acoustic Kids Showcases™ have been at the Walnut Valley Festival since 1991. The program encourages hundreds of talented young performers and has launched a few careers! It’s covered internationally in the press, studied as a model by other festivals, and is a Walnut Valley Festival tradition.

These are NON-Competitive Opportunities for young pickers and singers, beginner to pro, to perform on the festival stage for a welcoming and loyal audience. Details and Applications are due August 15 and can be found at the link.

Paulette Rush Arts and Crafts Show

The Paulette Rush Arts and Crafts Show, a highlight of the Walnut Valley Festival, boasts a diverse array of 84 displays. In 2024, anticipate the return of seasoned artisans and welcome 10 exciting first-timers showcasing artwork, jewelry, wood/glass/metal works, basket weaving, pottery, leather goods, Pantry staples, children’s items and more. Artists, crafters and luthiers representing 13 states converge on Walnut Valley to share their talents. Don’t miss special kids’ arts and crafts activities on Friday and Saturday.

2024 Champion Showcase Concert

2024 PreFestival Workshops

The 2024 Prefestival Workshops are going to be great!  Experienced instructors have all new materials for you to learn, take home, and practice.  Regardless of your skill level, there will be a class for you.  Click below to Register for a class before it fills up!

These are In-Person and Hands-On Workshops.  Please, bring your tuners and music stands, if needed.  Ask your instructor if it is ok with them before recording any session.

2024 Festival Workshop Instructors include
Tina Bergmann, Greg Blake, Bing Futch, Amanda Grapes Dellinger, Rev. Robert Jones, Andy May, Karen Mueller, Andrew Nelson, Bryan Thomas, Linda Tilton, and Matt Watroba.  Check the website for the latest news on workshops.


The 52nd Festival is just around the corner.  Advance Tickets are on sale now through 5pm Friday Sept 13th.  Order one for you and for a friend. Sharing the music is the best way to enjoy the festival!

Festival Merchandise

Shop for your favorite items to remember all the fun you had at festival!

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